Saturday, May 26, 2018

CRES ArtWalk 2018

Another successful student exhibit at Central Riverside Elementary School! EVERY student at CRES had at least one piece of artwork with a total number of  over 500 paintings, collages and drawings.   Please enjoy the video below that shows the entire exhibit.  


CRES Legacy Project: 5th Grade Self Portrait Tiles

Another year comes to an end and, for the third year, Central Riverside 5th graders leave their mark on their school by creating a self portrait tile.  Each creation was glazed, fired and permanently installed on the interior walls of our school.  This legacy project allows them to leave a part of themselves at their elementary alma mater and perhaps one day they might return and relive the wonderful memories they had while a student at Central Riverside Elementary School.

Saturday, May 5, 2018

VSA at the Cummer Museum

Such an heartwarming experience, taking my DHH and ESE students to The Cummer Museum of Art & Gardens this week for the annual VSA Festival.

The Cummer Museum of Art & Gardens is home to the Jacksonville affiliate of VSA, an international organization that provides opportunities in the arts for individuals with disabilities. The annual VSA Festival, which takes place in the spring of each year, invites Jacksonville-area students with disabilities to visit the Cummer Museum for a chance to experience art through all of their senses. Over the course of four days, nearly 1,800 children, 700 teachers and chaperones, and 1,300 volunteers fill the Museum to engage in art viewing in the galleries, movement, music in the gardens, and art-making activities throughout the entire Museum. The event allows each student to participate in the creative process and to demonstrate their own artistic abilities. 

Tuesday, March 20, 2018

CRES Students Shine in Local District and State Level Exhibits

Congratulations to the outstanding art students who tirelessly create beautiful masterpieces in art classes at CRES!

The images below are those of outstanding work selected for the local, district-wide Elementary Library Shows, The Best of Elementary Exhibits and Celebration of the Arts.  They will also be featured in the state level exhibit held in October at the Florida Art Education Association Digital Exhibit in St. Petersburg, FL. We are so proud of our Central Riverside artists!



Zion, Anastasia, Lily & 


Chinese Brush Painting- Bamboo for CRES Students

Students at Central Riverside learned painting techniques used by student artists on the other side of the world - China.  After viewing "Bamboo for Beginners," they they steadied their hands and practiced simple, elongated strokes.  Once they were happy with their brushstrokes they began to paint beautiful stalks of bamboo mush like the children in China must do in their art classes.

Chihuly Sculptures!

Students at Central Riverside Elementary learned about the world-renowned glass artist, Dale Chihuly.  After seeing him in action in a video clip, they were excited to create their own version of a sculpture inspired by the artist. 

Instead of using hot, melted glass, my students used transparencies painted with acrylic paint.   

Using their knowledge of organic shapes, they cut random free form shapes in a elongated orientation. 

Next, they punched a hole in each end and threaded them onto dowel rods previously inserted vertically into a block of wood which served as a base. 

After each student artist was satisfied with their sculpture, they topped off the dowel rod with a wooden bead.

Black History Focus: Study of Kehinde Wiley, Presidential Portrait Artist.

During the month of February, 3rd grade students at Central Riverside learned about accomplished leaders in black history by creating a collage on the topic of leaders and their accomplishments.

The inspiration for this project was African-American artist, Kehinde Wiley, who recently painted President Obama’s presidential portrait, unveiled in February 2018.  

A common characteristic of his work is a floral background. His colorful style and the powerful statements made by his work were the starting points for their portrait collages. 

My first goal was for my students to learn to show self-expression in their art by striking a pose for a photograph that is indicative of their emotions and shows a personal statement related to the message they were trying to express. 
These 3rd graders learned earlier in the year that portraits are created in a variety of mediums, including photography. I referenced that prior lesson when they were posing for their photograph.  I told them to let their pose show expression and emotion. 
I created a slideshow that features a variety of leaders from black history along with some of their accomplishments. I asked the students to choose the accomplishments of their favorite leaders from black history to write out statements on their collage.