Sunday, February 28, 2016

Arts Integration: Literacy & Art

We were so fortunate get a visit from Karpeles Museum educator, Gloria Elliot with a presentation on Linking Writing to Art. She brought copies of original drawings from the Disney movie, Peter Pan on loan to the Karpeles Manuscript Museum.  She gave writing strategies that included the use of a Thesaurus to enhance our student’s writing. Third grade students were able to make strong connections to the speaker as they were currently reading the story of Peter Pan in their Language Arts class.
  The Jacksonville Karpeles Manuscript Library Museum’s primary mission is the preservation and educational presentation of the writings of great authors, scientists, composers, philosophers, statesmen, sovereigns, and leaders, from all periods in world history. The Museum strives to promote education and literacy within Jacksonville, with an emphasis on the under-served neighborhoods and constituents. The Jacksonville Karpeles is one of nine Karpeles Museums around the country and Museum founders, David and Marsha Karpeles, are committed to providing each of these communities free access to original manuscript exhibits.
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LOVE in the Art Room

Kindergarten students practiced their painting skills and showed their love for painting in art class this month!