Sunday, September 18, 2016

Art Beyond Sight: EDGE Students Learn About Students with Disabilities Through Art

Blindfolded student creates self portraits using Wiki Stix, strings coated with wax.
These students are showing each other their art by allowing the other to feel the lines of their drawing.  
This video explains to my students how blind students can make art.

Supporting the Arts through EDGE
The EDGE program, (short for Enhancing, Developing, and Generating Excellence) is an enrichment class offered at Central Riverside Elementary School as part of our Magnet Program. 

Start of a Great New Year of Art at CRES

Welcome to the Art Classroom at Central Riverside Elementary School.
This is me, Art Teacher, Mrs. Woodlief with help from my special friend, Arturo.

One of my goals is to give students confidence so they can take their art learning out of the classroom.  I want them to share their art experiences by talking about and teaching others what they have learned.  I want to encourage creative thinking and want them to apply what they have learned back in their classroom and at home.

We have gotten off to a great start this year creating and learning about art.  This year, I hope to continue integrating core subjects into the art learning that takes place as well and teaching students even more about art history and the artists who have impacted it. I want to do my part in educating the whole child.