Wednesday, November 26, 2014

CRES Student Artists Thank Our Good Neighbors

Last week, students and staff at CRES held "Good Neighbor Day" to honor those community friends who support and invest in our school.

Representatives from Children's Enrichment Workshop (CEW), Cathedral Arts Project (CAP), The Cummer Museum's Weaver Academy of Art, The District Church and our faithful crossing guard, Mr. Watson. Students addressed each honoree with words from their hearts, thanking each one for gifts they provide for our students. Each honoree was presented with a beautifully framed piece of artwork from CRES artists.  Here are samples of their artwork:

Weaver Academy of Art from The Cummer Museum of Art & Gardens

This month we had a visit from our special friend from the Cummer Museum of Art & Gardens, Mrs. Hause who came into our art classes and conducted art lessons based on the museum's collection. 

These visits are part of the unique partnership we have with the Museum as part of the Weaver Academy of Art.  Students and their families enjoys free family memberships that includes admission and free monthly art classes.  We are so fortunate to be included in this valuable outreach program.  Thanks Cummer Museum!

Back by Popular Demand: Symmetrical Bugs!

5th grade students showed their knowledge of symmetry in their drawings of insects.  After drawing with pencil on black paper, they traced over the lines with glue mixed with black ink. After the glue dried, the students added color with colored chalk, layering the chalk to create the illusion of depth.



We recently had a school spirt day when all faculty, staff and students were encouraged to wear their favorite teams colors and t-shirts.  Since my family supports a variety of teams I chose to support my favorite:  TEAM ART!

(Yes, I was a college cheerleader!)

Kinders Explore Printmaking

Central Riverside kindergarten students explore printmaking using an unexpected material:  bubble wrap! Here is a foolproof way to teach printmaking with these young artists.

Bubble wrap was cut into rectangles the same size as their paper then taped to a table.  Using foam rollers, students applied tempera paint then placed the paper within the tape boarders.  After a good rub, they peeled back their paper to reveal rows of dots.

These prints will be used to create a bumble bee hive collage!