Monday, February 24, 2014

Symmetrical Bugs!

5th grade students showed their knowledge of symmetry in their drawings of insects.  After drawing with pencil on black paper, they traced over the lines with glue mixed with black ink. After the glue dried, the students added color with colored chalk, layering the chalk to create the illusion of depth.



5th Grade Students Dream of Seascapes!

5th grade students painted seascapes worthy of a vacation destination!  


Mosaic Fish!

Fourth graders learned about the beautiful tile mosaics created by ancient civilizations in Italy and Greece to inspire them to create their own mosaic fish.



Audubon Birds

Third grade students studied the works of John James Audubon to prepare them for painting their own exotic birds.

Leapin' Lizards! Lizards in 2nd Grade Art Class!

Second Graders practiced their line drawing skills by creating colorful lizards:



S-S-S-S-Sssssss....Snakes in First Grade!

First graders studied shape and line in this art project by creating patterned snakes:

First Graders Say, "Shapes Have Feelings, Too!"

This month, first graders learned about geometric shapes. To make their shapes come alive, we gave them emotions  - but not just feelings that are shown by expressions on their faces but feelings that are revealed by body language. Look at the facial expressions and body language shown by each shape and see if you can guess what they are feeling.

Happy!  Sad. ANGRY! Surprised! CoNfUsEd???

CRES Kinder's Mouse Paint!

This month, my Central Riverside Kindergarten students completed an author study of Ellen Stoll Walsh and her wonderful book about three mischievous mice - Mouse Paint!

Students mixed the three primary colors (red, yellow. and blue) to make the secondary colors of the mouse bodies. After adding details, they showed their "art smartness" by coloring in their ears to show which colors they used to mix the secondary colors, green, orange and purple. It was the perfect assessment of their color mixing knowledge. Here are samples of their work: