Saturday, March 1, 2014

CRES Students Explore Art Beyond Sight

This is the short instructional video I created to support the lesson taught last week at Central Riverside Elementary.  My students celebrated Art Beyond Sight  by creating a contour drawing self portrait using Wiki Stix (wax covered string) to allow those of low vision to see the art with their hands. 

Each student was blindfolded then given an opportunity to touch sculpture reproductions to discover how they might feel if, with low vision, they could only "see" with their hands.
After that revealing experience, they were given an assignment: Create a self portrait - then share it with their classmates who were also blindfolded.

It was so rewarding to hear their conversations.  One boy said, "I sure am glad this isn't the way way I have to see all the time."  I was pleased that the students gained this insight of how it may feel to be vision impaired.

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