Monday, September 7, 2015

The Arts in EDGE Classes Arts & Leadership

Please, enjoy this short video with highlights of the fun learning activities we offer our students through the EDGE program.

Central Riverside Elementary offers our students a variety of opportunities, one of which is the EDGE Program.  The EDGE Program (short for Enhancing, Developing, and Generating Excellence) is designed to provide opportunities for academically talented students to participate in a process-oriented instructional program. EDGE is an enrichment program that focuses on critical appreciation, creative expression, and social processes through activities that  enhance, develop, and generate academic skills learned in the regular classroom.

We focus on the arts in EDGE classes by offering experiences both in and outside of our school.  We have hosted visiting dancers from LaVilla School of the Arts as well as field trips to live theatre performances at JCA Magic Theatre.  Our students have had expert instruction in the game of golf as well as other team building activities.

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