Sunday, March 8, 2015

Art Appeals to ALL of the Senses!

Central Riverside kindergarten students learned that art can be experienced through all the senses:

Using their sense of TOUCH they felt creamy icing between their fingers.  Using their sense of SIGHT they saw the bright colors of icing.  Using their sense of SMELL they enjoyed the sweet fragrance of the sugary "paint." Using their sense of HEARING they listened and sung to a song that helped them learn their colors and last, they used their sense of TASTE to enjoy the flavor of their "paint" as they licked their fingers.

You might ask, "What's going on in Mrs. Woodlief's art room?" 

Students were given cake icing from the Publix bakery in the primary colors: Red, Yellow, & Blue.  Next they were lead through the steps of mixing them to create new colors - the Seconday Colors! (Green, Purple, Orange)
Blue + Yellow = Green

After they explored many color mixing possibilities, they "painted a masterpiece" on their canvas: a graham cracker.  Of course, a really good artist always remembers to wash their brush between colors so the students licked their fingers!

The last test of a truly successful work of art: how it tasted!  Each student enjoyed eating their masterpiece at the conclusion of their class. 
To reinforce the learning that took place, students learned a song that helps them remember the primary colors called "The Red Yellow Blues" by Greg Percy.  Check it out!
The Red Yellow Blues by Greg Percy

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