Thursday, March 19, 2015

Radial Design Monoprints

Fifth grade students learned how to create RADIAL DESIGN prints in art class at Central Riverside Elementary School .  First, they carefully carved a line design into soft styro-foam plates (4" square) by pressing gently with a dull pencil. Next, they rolled PRINTMAKING INK with a BRAYER taking care to apply a thin, even layer to the flat surface. They carefully positioned the inked plate over paper and pressed the back of the plate gently, making sure to add even pressure.  When they removed the plate, a beautiful PRINT was revealed.  They repeated this process four times. 
 When the four prints were dry, the students positioned/glued them onto paper, turning each one a quarter turn to create a radial design. This project was an effective ay to assess my students of their knowledge of RADIAL BALANCE.

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