Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Congratulations to VSA Student of the Month!

I am so proud of Central Riverside Elementary DHH (Deaf & Hard of Hearing) fifth grade student who was recognized by Florida VSA (http://vsafl.org/) formerly known as Very Special Arts.  VSA Regional Program Coordinator, Pat York made a special visit from the state office to recognize Jordan Williams for his outstanding work as an advocate for the DHH program at Central Riverside. Jordan, with the assistance of ASL interpreter, Jill Kalish, performed a presentation at our school's annual ARTWALK demonstrating the use of QR codes (Quick Response codes) to access online videos of DHH students sharing their artisit's staements, not in the usual way but with ASL, American Sign Language. Please, view Jordans's artisit statement at http://cresarteducator.blogspot.com/2014/05/jordans-artist-statement.html.
DHH Student, Jordan Williams and VSA Regional Coordinator, Pat York